I. Organizer


New Taipei City Marathon Association, Yong-he District Sports Association Running Committee


II. Co-Organizers


New Taipei City Shuang-xi Dist. Administrative Office, New Taipei City Shuang-xi Dist. Health Center, New Taipei City Shuang-xi High School


III. Supporters

(To be announced)


IV. Event


Full Marathon (42.195 km/26.2 mile)


V. Event Date & Time


08:30 a.m., Feb. 1 (Sun.) 2015


VI. Venue


New Taipei City Shuang-xi High School


VII. Race Duration


08:30 a.m. -- 03:00 p.m.


VIII. Time Limit


6 H 30 Min.


IX. Age Group


The runners will be divided into 10 groups based on the gender and age. Please check your group on the application form. 



Group A: Above 70 (Born in/before 1945)

Group B: 60 – 69 (Born between 1946 and 1955)

Group C: 50 – 59 (Born between 1956 and 1965)

Group D: 40 – 49 (Born between 1966 and 1975)

Group E: 30 – 39 (Born between 1976 and 1985)

Group F: 17 – 29 (Born between 1986 and 1998)



Group A: Above 50 (Born in/before 1955)

Group B: 40 – 49 (Born between 1966 and 1975)

Group C: 30 – 39 (Born between 1976 and 1985)

Group D: 17 – 29 (Born between 1986 and 1998)


X. Course


Shuang-xi High School (Start) – Dong-jun St. – Gong-he Bridge – Jhong-shan Rd. – Shuang-tai Pathway – Border of Taipei & I-lan County – 2 K of Nei-Da-Shi Pathway (Turn Around Point) – Shuang-tai Pathway – Shuang-xi Senior High School – Tai-pin Rd. – Da-tun St. – Dong-jun St. – Shuang-xi High School (Finish)


*The course might be changed without prior notification.


XI. Entry Fee


NTD$1,000 (for Overseas runners not dwelling in Taiwan).

The Chip deposit (NTD$100) is included.


XII. Application


A.  Overseas runners not dwelling in Taiwan


(1) Procedure

Download the application form and the guarantee (guaranteeing for your personal mental and physical health), fill in them. 


Please send your application form via email:




You'll get a confirm mail as long as we get your application.


(2) Application Due Date

Oct. 1 (Wed.), 2014, Taipei Time


(3) Entry Fee

Please wire-transfer the entry fee (USD$35) to the following account:


A/C With Bank: Cathay United Bank Shuangheh Branch, Taipei, Taiwan


Bank Add: No. 102, Zhonghe Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 23575, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Beneficiary’s Name: WEN CHIA CHENG

A/C No.: 002087201999


B.  For Runners Dwelling in Taiwan


(1) Please directly register via the Registration System.


(2) Application Due Date

23:59, Oct. 15 (Wed.), 2014 (GMT +8:00)


(3) Entry Fee

Please pay the entry fee (NTD$1,000) via Wire-transfer based on the instruction shown on the System after successful registration.


XIII. Checking-in Place and Time


A. Overseas runners not dwelling in Taiwan


New Taipei City Shuang-xi High School

Feb. 1  7:00 a.m. — 8:30 a.m. (Before the race)


B. Foreign Runners Dwelling in Taiwan


No need to have checking-in on the race day. The bib number, chip and other souvenir will be sent via postal. Please provide the correct address for postal delivery when registering.


If the package has not arrived on Jan. 25th, 2015, please directly contact tpmarathon@gmail.com for more info.


XIV. Award


1.    Top 8 male finishers and top 3 female finishers (overall winners) will be awarded cash and trophy.

2.    According to number of participants registered in each group, top 3 finishers will be awarded for 0-50 participants, top 4 finishers will be awarded for 51-70 participants, top 6 finishers will be awarded for 71-90 participants. There will be top 20 finishers at most for each group to be awarded.

3.    All top overall finishers will not be awarded additional prizes for the separate age group awards.

4.    The victory ceremony will begin at 12:00 p.m.


XV. Finishing Reward


Runners finishing the race within 6 h 30 min will be awarded a finisher's medal and memorial towel. 


XVI. Record Certificate


Certificate for runners finishing the race within the time limit will be mailed by postal.


XVII. Service Contact


For detail race information, including the transportation, checking-in and baggage check, please read “Race Instruction.”


If you have any other problem, please contact the host by E-mail: